Make Some Noise EP (2013)

Make Some Noise EP Cover


  1. Make Some Noise (*)
  2. Uncle Jack
  3. Keeper of Abbeys (branch line edition) (**)
  4. Leopards
  5. Swan Hunter
  6. Seen Better Days (*)
  7. Edgelands (*)
  8. The Lovers (*)
  9. Curator of Butterflies (branch line edition) (**)

(*) new tracks, not included in English Electric Part One and Two
(**) edits unavailable elsewhere

This release features the four new tracks from English Electric: Full Power to enable listeners who already own Parts One and Two to complete the English Electric set without having to purchase EEFLP. A high-resolution PDF of the 96 page EEFLP will be provided as a free extra for download purchasers of ‘Make Some Noise’.